"Fashion for No One" is a series of contemporary paintings, photography, and digital sculptures about the emotional and textural qualities inherent in fabric. The series is an attempt to capture the movement, energy, and passion of man-made materials while removing any imposed human element of the wearer from the equation.

Varying materials in our society have become linked to different cultures and objects- brocade, one of the primary subjects of this series, has had a wide range of historical associations, from the 18th century elite, to the modern grandmother's couch. These ancestral highs and lows came entirely from the availability of the fabric and cost of manufacturing. Brocade's perception, like many other fabrics, was based on use, class status, and familiarity. "Fashion for No One" seeks a new way of using these materials and objects. Not for fashion or function, but as a kaleidoscope of empathetic, emotional landscapes.

Many man made mediums are used to accentuate and bring out the textural qualities of the fabrics- glass, paper, CDs, and acrylic paints. What is explored is how these varying textures interact with light in terms of value and interest. Glasses full of water reflect concentrated beams of light on silk. Reflections of the fabric in CDs are digitally manipulated to created complex mandlebrot-esque portraits. Manmade meets nature via natural light through prisms, creating a dizzying rainbow landscape on Brocade and Tulle.

To further abstract and play with the shapes created by the folds and value of the fabric, digital manipulation is implemented. Techniques employed include cut outs of specific light/shadow areas of fabrics, resculpted folds, digital painting, and mirroring. This is the final warm layer of construction on the repurposed, functionless object.

"Dream Land"

Photo Print on Canvas


"Seats Without People"

Digital Drawing, Acrylic on Canvas